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GeeJay, are the London / Bournemouth duo comprising of vocalist Gina Jane, and producer & multi-instrumentalist Jacob Lobo. The sleek, soulful, and powerful vocals of Gina marry perfectly with Jacob’s classy piano chords, groovy rhythms, and flurries of saxophone and flute. GeeJay find themselves being a part of a new wave of artists emerging out of the UK who have a soulful, emotive, and melodic approach to their music.

With two EP releases under their belt, GeeJay have managed to amass over 12 million streams and have garnered widespread critical acclaim from the likes of The Guardian, Fearne Cotton (BBC Radio 2), BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra, Jamz Supernova, and CLASH to name but a few.

In October 2022, GeeJay received the news that they were to be having their first child together. This prompted them to pause both performing and posting publicly, so that they could plan for the arrival of the new one. What this news didn’t do however, was to stop GeeJay writing music. If anything, the hiatus allowed them to be more focused and productive with their songwriting, and the pair quickly got the foundations of their album ready.

After the birth of their child, the pair returned to the studio to record the final vocal takes for the album whilst Gina was still very much in recovery, and many of the takes were recorded whilst the baby slept at the back of the studio. Sometimes, the baby’s cry would interrupt the recording, and the take would have to be scrapped and started from the beginning. In other moments, the moving and cooing of the baby would add a real-world depth to the record, and so would be kept in. In one instance, a cry came on the microphone at the moment of a bridge breakdown, enhancing the transition: the pair decided to keep this in the final recording, and can be heard in the track ‘I’ll Be Your Best Friend’.

Their debut album titled ‘What’s the Sun Without the Rain?’ and entirely self written and produced is ready to be shared with the world in 2024. The first single ‘Stronger Than you Think’ has already gained the attention of Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1 Future Artists) and Robert Elms (BBC Radio London).


“GeeJay rocked the Love Supreme bandstand as the headline artists, playing an encore too to an extremely receptive crowd!” Yamaha Music

The amount of soul packed into every line is ridiculous, complete with both fluttery vocal cracks and impossibly high belted notes….They have turned industry heads with their fiery energy and unique sound, Ones to Watch, Live Nation

“Weaving through Jay's airy and cinematic keys, Gee's voice has a deep, expansive tone that keeps on stretching" The Observer, One To Watch

"GeeJay are a phenomenal home grown duo who create unique music at a highly skilled level. Gee’s voice is so unique and beautiful and Jay’s ability to switch up instruments gives them a sublime versatility. I’m so excited to see what they do next." Fearne Cotton

“A stellar piece of future Soul...Precocious songwriting that seems to exist without boundaries” Clash Magazine

“Soothing sax tones, gorgeous rolling piano keys and powerhouse soul vocals combine for pure bliss... we’re tipping these guys for big things” Somewhere Soul

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